Model unit 9YFL-1900
Machine size (length, width and height) mm 5150×2350×2200
The weight kg 3100
Bale section mm 460×360
The length of the bale mm 350-1200
speed Stroke/min 100
route mm 550
A cord capacity / 6 bundles
A cord type / Plastic rope/nylon rope
Protection device / Safety screw protection
power kW/hp 48
PTO r/min 540
the width of picking up mm 1900
Baler density kg/m3 120-160
Track specification (pitch * number * width) mm/section 90mm ×51section×350mm
Minimum ground clearance mm 240
Safe, reliable and reliable
Stepless variable speed, rubber track walking, water field passing ability is stronger;
Compact structure, low center of gravity, short front and rear dimensions and small turning radius;
Pick up the field thoroughly.
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