GC-650-4 Grain cart

GC-650-4 Grain cart

Item GC-650-4
Capacity 650 bushels
No of wheel 4
Width (mm) 3200
Length(mm) 6500
Height(mm) 3500
Height of the load(mm) 4000
Discharge capacity of the grains(lt./min) 3500
Two axles 2
Tire Size 17.5-25
Steel rim 14.00/1.5-25
Max speed(km/h) 35
Linkage Trailed
Weight(kg) 5656
Matched power 80-120HP
Volume per 40HQ ft container(sets) 2
It is used for paddy transportation and automatic unloading. It uses a screw conveyor instead of a self-tilting bucket and manual unloading. It is characterized by high working efficiency and reasonable power utilization. It can directly put rice into the warehouse. It is mainly suitable for agricultural short-distance transportation. The overall structure is reasonable and the appearance is beautiful. It has the characteristics of convenient dragging, time saving, labor saving, and durability.
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