2CDR Double Disc Spreader

2CDR Double Disc Spreader

Model Capacity(L) Spreading Width(m) Weight(kg) No of disc Matched Power(hp) Price(RMB)
2CDR800 800 16-30 320 2 80-100 7500
2CDR1100 1100 16-30 445 2 100-120 8900
2CDR1400 1400 16-30 470 2 120-150 9600
It is suitable for spreading and broadcasting base fertilizer before farmland cultivation, sowing after planting, and sowing of mixed fertilizers for pastures and pastures. Supporting power 80-150 horsepower, broadcast amplitude 16M-30M. The machine features compact structure, excellent performance, wide application range, high working efficiency, uniform spread of seed fertilizer and so on.
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