1BST-7 cultivator

1BST-7 cultivator

Model No. Of tines Working width (mm) Working depth (mm) Weight (kg) Matched power (hp) Overall size (mm)
1BST-7 7 2700 300-400 1580 125-150 4000X3000X1200
1BST-9 9 3600 300-400 1970 150-180 5000X3000X1200
1BST-11 11 4500 300-400 2300 200-250 6000X3000X1200
1BST-13 13 5400 300-400 2710 250-300 7000X3000X1200

The machine adopts the spring plate drawing device. When the deep plowing machine encounters obstacles during the working process, it can automatically bounce, and quickly recovers the original working state after passing over, so as to protect the plough tip. The aircraft has the advantages of convenient line spacing adjustment and easy adjustment of depth. The machine is mainly used for deep plowing, loose soil, protection of earthworms, weeding and other operations in field crops. Its working parts are 1 to 3 chisel-shaped loose earth spades with rigid spade column. When the farmland is cultivating, it will loose soil without turning over the soil. After the cultivation, there will be debris covering on the surface, which can reduce water and soil loss. It is suitable for drought, rock and Basic soil cultivation in areas with severe soil erosion. The plough depth is generally 30 cm, and the maximum ploughing depth for soil improvement in arid lands can reach 45 cm.
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