1BGZ Land roller

1BGYJ Land roller

Model Working width (mm) Weight (kg) Matched Tractor (hp) Overall size  (mm)
1BGZ-6.5 6500 3500 100-120 6572*2670*1100
1BGZ-4.0 4000 2070 100-120 4500*2800*1100
1BGZ-3.0 3000 1700 80-100 3500*2800*1100
Used for surface crushing and compaction after or after sowing, and the working part is a repulsion wheel. The repressor wheel has a cylindrical shape, an annular shape or a V-shape, and is rotatably arranged on the axle when working.
1. Through repression, the topsoil is compacted and can be preserved and lifted.
2.is conducive to grain implantation, increase the germination rate, to Miao Qi, Miao Zhuang.
3. winter drought, cold, so that wheat can safely winter.
4.repression width (1.6 meters). Can work 10-15 acres per hour.
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