1BGYJ Land roller

1BGYJ Land roller

Model Working width (mm) Weight (kg) Matched Tractor (hp) Overall size  (mm)
1BGYJ-9.5 9500 8000 75-90 11200X5600X2160
1BGYJ-12.8 1280 9402 90-120 14500X5600X2160
1BGYT-14.8 14800 10702 100-125 16500x5600x2160
1BGYT-18.5 18500 13100 120-150 20300x6511x2562
Used for surface crushing and compaction after or after sowing, and the working part is a repulsion wheel. The repression wheel has a cylindrical shape, a ring shape or a V shape. This product uses hydraulic locking and lifting functions, easy to operate, the bearing seat connection part to increase the buffer and locking device, ease the impact of equipment at work, increased product life.
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