1BMCJ Scraper

1BMCJ Scraper

Model Working width (mm) Weight (kg) Matched power (hp) Overall width (mm) Tyre No. Work efficienty
1BMCJ-6.2 6200 5760 70-80 6490x6630x1690 4 139.5
1BMCJ-7.5 7500 6861 80-100 6490x7840x1690 6 168.7
1BMCJ-9.2 9200 7802 80-100 9600X6450X1688 6 207.0
1BMCJ-12.5 12500 10600 100-120 13000X6694X1700 6 281.2
The product has high efficiency and high blade width. The blade is sharp and hard. It cuts and removes crop stubble and weeds left in the field after harvest.
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