3WP-600HA plant protection machinery


Model / 3WP-600HA
Tank Volume L 600
Spray width /m m 11.5
Sprinkler form / 110°sector
Ground clearance m 1.05
Engine power ps 25
wheel track mm 1550
Wheel base mm 1680
Structure weight kg 1218
Walking speed km/h 0~11
Working speed km/h 0~4
Theoretical work efficiency Mu/hour 50~60

●11.5m spray width+ 600L tank volume+500kg amount of fertilizer;
●Four-wheel drive,four-wheel steering,with differential lock and high horsepower engine,make move more flexible, better passing in paddy fields,working faster.
●Imported Japanese engine and HST, powerful, stable and reliable
●High-strength bridge box, chassis and dry tires to ensure stable and reliable running system
●Imported Italian nozzles,high-quality piston pumps and filters,with low-jitter racks,greatly improve the life of spray system components;
●The center of gravity of the entire vehicle is in the middle position before and after the water is added, and the passability and safety of paddy field operation and transportation are better.
●1.1 meters high ground clearance, paddy wheels and dry land Wheels are optional,1.1 meters high ground clearance,optional for paddy fields and dry fields,hosereel superreel(with 50 meters tube), rear wheel spraying device, high efficiency water pump, cleaning gun, maintenance jack and other intimate designs can meet the needs of plant protection operations in all regions;
●Intergral design, covers are manufactured using rotational moulding , plastic uptake and other manufacturing processes,beautiful and atmospheric
●Front pressure gauge,engine tachometer,the display device such as the speedometer can be seen at a glance.water control valve,walking operation handle,seats and other arrangements are reasonable,machine operation is more comfortabl
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