PG1604,Four Wheel Drive Tractor

Model unit PG1604
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 4830X2350X3280
Track gauge mm 2770
Min. operation weight kg 6150
Min. ground clearance mm 490
Rated power kw 118
Fuel consumption g/kw•h ≤246
Clutch type / Torsion damper
Gearbox / 40F+40R
Brake type / Dry & disk type
Tyre specification(front/reverse) / 420/85R34 520/85R38(optional 480/70R34 520/70R38)
Hydraulic lifter type / Electric control lifter
Max. lifter force KN 30
Hydraulic output / 3-group hydraulic output
Hydraulic suspension system / Three-point rear suspension, III
Max. flow of hydraulic output L/min 80
Traction force KN 26
PTO speed r/min 540/1000;750/1400
ROPS or Cabin / Four-post, fully sealed, luxurious cab
Imported engine and drive system
Imported engine, strong power, reliable performance;
Import 32F+32R four-section power shift gearbox, easy to operate;
Imported drive bridge with strong bearing capacity.

The working device USES various working conditions
Silky power output, complete range of supporting machines and tools;
Imported electric control hoist, accurate control;
Can match a variety of types of tires, wide range of application.

Customized software control system
Electric control system: imported ECU and TCU controller, customized vehicle control software, CAN bus control technology;
Intelligence: optional automatic tillage depth management system. Integrated sensor technology and beidou positioning system to realize accurate detection of deep pine operation;
Brand new shape: four-post cab with wide vision, power sense hood;
Ergonomic: four-wheel drive, power output, and hoisting system are operated by buttons.
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