RX704,Four Wheel Drive Tractor

Model Unit RX704
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 4200×1800×2830
Track gauge mm 2070
Min. operation weight kg 3100
Min. ground clearance mm 380
Rated power kw 59
Fuel consumption g/kw•h 240
Clutch type / 11 inch double actingion with independent operate
Gearbox / 12F+12R
Brake type / Three plate type, oil bath type
Tyre specification(front/reverse) / 9.5-24/14.9-30 Paddy tire
Hydraulic lifter type / strong pressure
Max. lifter force kN 14.5
Hydraulic output / 2-group hydraulic output
Max. flow of hydraulic output L/min 50
Hydraulic suspension system / Three-point rear suspension, II
Traction force KN 13
PTO speed r/min Standard 540/1000, 760/1000, etc
ROPS or Cabin / Four-column air-conditioned cab

new shape, comfortable driving
 A new streamlined hood with large air intake and good heat dissipation.
The new four-column cab ensures the safety, comfort and easy control of the driver based on the consideration of vibration reduction, sealing performance and man-machine engineering.

the power is strong, through good sex
High pressure common rail engine with good dynamic performance, low oil consumption and high reliability.
It is standard equipped with large water-field tires with large ground clearance and good passability.
The turning radius is small, so as to reduce the earth head reversing frequency and improve the working efficiency.

easy operation, high efficiency
Shuttle shift, convenient shift back and forth, reduce labor intensity and improve operation efficiency.
(12F+12R) gear setting, with more choices of working gear, is conducive to improving work efficiency.
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