PL2604,Four Wheel Drive Tractor


Model Unit PL2604
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 5715×2900×3300
Track gauge mm 3085
Min. operation weight kg 8575
Min. ground clearance mm 430
Engine stage / Europe Ⅲ
Rated power kw 194
Fuel consumption g/kw•h 228
Clutch type / wet multi-plate
Gearbox / 40F+40R
Brake type / Hydrostatic power-assisted multiple pieces of wet braking
Tyre specification(front/reverse) / 18.4R30(The front wheel)/20.8R38(The rear wheel)
Hydraulic lifter type / The metal
Max. lifter force KN 52(悬挂后610mm处)
Tilling depth control method / The electro-hydraulic control
Hydraulic output / 4 position electro-hydraulic proportional multiway valve
Max. flow of hydraulic output L/min 110
Hydraulic suspension system / The rear suspension three, Ⅲ
Traction force kN 55
PTO speed r/min 540E/1000N/1000E
ROPS or Cabin / Warm and cold air conditioning cab
Strong motivation and high efficiency
match the famous Ⅲ engine, powerful, high reliability and good fuel economy.
Independently operated double-acting clutch, adopt 12-inch imported LUK clutch, with large torque reserve coefficient and reliable performance.
Transmission gear 16F+8R, with ideal working speed required for various operations.

More powerful function, one machine multi-purpose
Enhanced dual speed power output with wide range of supporting machines and tools and high reliability.
Double oil cylinder high-pressure hoist is adopted, which has large lifting force and is more suitable for supporting large machines and tools.

It's comfortable and safe to drive
Adopt side control, gear shifting of meshing sleeve, control and comfort;
Streamlined appearance design, elegant shape and good operation vision
Optimized design of man-machine engineering, and more comfortable driving and riding in the cab after dust prevention, shock reduction and noise reduction treatment;
The spring seat is more comfortable to ride, easier to drive and more efficient to operate.  
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