170F Mini-tiller


Model 1WG4.0
Engine Model 170F Gasoline
Engine Type Single-cylinder, Air cool,  4 stroke
Horsepower(hp) 6
Maximum power(kw) 4.2
Rated power(kw) 4.0
Engine speed(rpm) 3600
Fuel tank capacity(L) 6
Engine oil capacity(L) 0.6
Fuel consumption(kg/hm2) ≤16
Clutch method Friction disk clutch
Transmission Toothed gearing
Ploughing depth(cm) 10-25
Ploughing width(cm) 70-90
Working speed(Km/h) 1.6
Weight(kg) 95
Size(mm) 840*510*630
Blade configuration Purchase seperately
Wheel configuration 350-6 Wheel


Mini-tiller can serve several other purposes, such as water pumping and weeding
It's a type of multifunctional small-sized agriculture machinery extolled for its superiority to large and medium-sized machinery
Having a good performance in climbing and crossing, it's applicable for rotary tillage, plowing, ditching and ridging in dry land, paddy field, orchard, vegetable plot and tobacco field in plain, mountainous and hilly area


Good Usability
Gear selector is designed near the handle to ensure users' operation convenient, comfortable and safe.
Throttle controler specoal design makes the operation more convenient, localization more accurate.
3D design demonstrate the reasonable of structure.  Ergonomically designed for user comfort.

Bearing, gear and structure parts from quality brand of steel in China prolong at least 15% of their service life.
Enhanced multifunctional bumper is adopted for effective engine protecting.
The painting pattern adopts ultraviolet external protection to make the paintwork bright and shining. Also, the abrasive resistance is enhanced.

High efficiency
higher driving force, better performance because of the famous and excellent engine
The blade is assembled with inserted-bin which can save the time and labour.

Cost Saving
One tiller can adopt any kind of our blades.
The engines adopt fuel injection system from BOSCH that makes fuel intection more evenly and effective which can save over 10% of cost.

A variety of blades choice
Efficient Paddy Wheel
Applicable : paddy which soil texture is soft ;
Features : anti-wrapping, plough wider, material is thick ;
Ploughing width : 1020mm-1350mm ;
Ploughing depth : 150mm-250mm.

Dryland Blade
Applicable : dryland, sand land, wasteland  and greenhouse ;
Features : ploughing deeper, durableness, material is thick ;
Ploughing width : 900mm-1350mm ;
Ploughing depth : 150mm-250mm.


Deep Ploughing Blade
Applicable : dryland which is hardened and have less weeds ;
Features : can plough effective and deeper with biggish soil block ;
Ploughing width : 900mm-1100mm ;
Ploughing depth : 230mm-330mm.


Anti-wrapping Blade
Applicable : paddy, wet and rice field which soil texture is hard and suffering weeds ;
Features : anti-wrapping, high efficiency ;
Ploughing width : 910mm-910mm ;
Ploughing depth : 150mm-250mm.

Adjustable Ditcher
Applicable : used in all kind of digging and ditching ;
Adjustable width : 220-500mm ;
Ditching blade hight : 240mm.

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