Front loader

Front loader

Model No. Unit TZ02D TZ03D TZ04D TZ06D
Fitted power   hp 15~25 20~40 35~55 50~65
Machine pin height H mm 2350 2570 2820 3110
Discharge height A mm 1730 1960 2140 2350
Loading height L mm 2220 2440 2670 2960
Discharge distance W mm 370 500 600 640
Boom pin height B mm 1120 1200 1360 1500
Receiving angle X ° 47 47 47 47
Dumping angle Z ° 50 50 50 50
Digging depth S mm 90 90 100 120
Machine pin
Lift forces
Q1 Kg 1150 1250 1550 1650
Q2 Kg 900 1050 1150 1200
Standard bucket type     DP02-125 DP04-125 DP04-140 DP06-150
Width of bucket   mm 1250 1250 1400 1500
Standard bucket volume   m3 0.16 0.18 0.21 0.35
Rated load   Kg 200 300 400 600
●Disassembly adopts full fast mounting:
1)Auxiliary equipment complies with the internationally agreed Euro mounting standard.
2)The boom and the column are connected through a self-locking mechanism, easy and fast to disassemble and assemble without using any other tools.
●Full-height horizontal lifting: it makes the driver's operation simple, safe,and efficient, without spreading the materials.
●The hydraulic valve has a floating position and the copying function.
●The floating position allows the loader to float freely with the ground
conditions during the shoveling operation, which can improve the working efficiency of the loader and also make the boom drop rapidly under light load or with an empty bucket so as to shorten the cycle time.
●Panoramic vision and safe driving. The rational layout of the front loader reduces the impact on the driver's field of vision and ensures driving safety.

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