2BYF Seeder


Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1530×4500×1250 1630×3300×1250 1630×2900×1250 1630×2250×1250 1630×1550×1250 1630×1250×1250
Weight kg/set 990 660 560 420 330 220
Power Required kw/hp ≥66.2kw/90hp ≥44.1kw/60hp ≥36.8kw/50hp ≥29.4kw/40hp ≥14.7kw/20hp ≥11kw/15hp
Working width cm 450 340 270 210 150 120
Main beam material mm 100×100×6 80×80×6 80×80×6 80×80×6 80×80×4 80×80×4
rows number n.r. 8 6 5 4 3 2
Row distance cm  60 (adjustable)
Seeding crop   Corns, soybeans, mung beans, sorghums, etc. (Mung beans and sorghums requiring additional distributor plates)
Planting distance cm 12、16、18、22、25、31
Furrowing depth cm 6-8
Fertilizer depth cm 6-8
Seeding depth cm 3-5
Max. fertilizing quantity  kg/ha. 2100
Max. seeding quantity kg/ha. 22.5-37.5
Drive model   Drive shaft
Fertilizer hopper capacity I. 520 390 360 260 195 160
Seeds hopper capacity I. 8.5×8 8.5×6 8.5×5 8.5×4 8.5×3 8.5×2
Working efficiency
Ha./hour 0.8~0.1.2 0.6~0.9 0.5~0.75 0.4~0.6 0.3~0.45 0.2~0.3

●The machine is operating along with the tractor and mainly used for cultivation-free single-grain fine-sowing of corns. It supports row replacement of granular fertilizers, one-off ditching and fertilization,digging trenches, sowing, soil covering, compacting, and other processes. Two-row machines with membrane spreading mechanism
can complete plastic membrane mulching.
●The seed metering device is high in sowing accuracy, and the number of particles passing the index reaches more than 80%. Normal seed charging method is adopted to realize high speed operation. When the row spacing is no less than 20 cm, the operation speed can reach 8 km/h.
●The product features accurate hill spacing, even distribution of seedlings, little competition, fully exerted individual advantages, vigorously growing crops, and high yield.
●With the copying function, it can float with the ground, and the seeding depth can be maintained when the land block undulates.
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