RC1100/RC1104, 110HP, Four Wheel Drive Tractor

Model Unit RC1100 RC1104
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 4500×2035×2865 4500×2035×2865
Track gauge mm 2195 2195
Min. operation weight kg 3640 4040
Min. ground clearance mm 450 445
Rated power kW 81 81
Fuel consumption g/kW•h ≤242 ≤242
Clutch type / dry, double act dry, double act
Gearbox / 16F+8R 16F+8R
Brake type / Wet disc type Wet disc type
Tyre specification(front/reverse) / 6.50-20/16.9-34 12.4-24/16.9-34
Hydraulic lifter type / separation separation
Max. lifter force kN 19.5 19.5
Hydraulic output / 2 pairs 2 pairs
Traction force kN 23.7 28.4
PTO speed r/min 540/1000 540/1000
ROPS or Cabin / ROPS/Cabin ROPS/Cabin
●Matched to famous GB engine, with strong power, high safety and large storage torque coefficient;
●Enhanced dual-speed power output, supporting a wide range of machines and tools, high reliability. Adopting dual hydro-cylinder high pressure raising appliance, great raising force, more suitable for large machines and tools working in farmland.
●New-generation graceful and splendid streamline casing, meeting requirements for safety, dust-proof, noise reduction and hear dissipation.
●Adopting side mounted control mechanism and meshing sleeve shift, making operation convenient, comfortable and reliable;
●Independent-operation dual-action clutch, reliable performance;
●Hydraulic driving brake system and handle-manipulated stop braking system, which are safe and reliable;
●Enclosed cabin; air conditioner, heater, fan. and sounding system are Optional, safe and comfortable driving.
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