RM800,80HP,Two Wheel Drive Tractor


 1.Equipped with 4 cylinder engine, direct injection engine, start convenient, low fuel consumption, hightractiong,high reliability and high coefficient of torque reserve.
2.With heavy-duty chassis, hightraction, and high double-speed PTO shaft,it works more efficiency.
3.Transmission gears 16F+4R ,optional reversing device 8F+2R,featuring  reasonable speed-matching, high working efficiency, and good fuel economy in all kinds of farmland homework and transportation.
4.Equipped with the side operation control device and the shift sleeve device, featuring convenient, comfortable, and reliable control.
5.Reinforced dual-speed power take-off, featuring the wide range of optional machinery and tools and high reliability.
6.The hydraulic service brake system and handle-operated parking brake system, featuring safety and reliability.
7.The complete vehicle adopts the optimized ergonomic design to improve the driver’s safety feeling, and the comfort  to control.
8.A new generation of steamlinehood,with beautiful and elegant appearance, conforming to the safety, dust-proof, noise-reduction, heat-removal and other performance requirements.
9.Light and better sealed, give it high performance in paddy field farming.
10.Hydraulic lifting device adopted position control and float control, easy to operate and provides reliable performance.



Model RM800
Dive Type 4x2
Overall Demension(L*W*H) (mm) 4200*1910*2625
Rated Power(kw) 59
Engine Cylinder 4
Rated Traction(kN) 15.5
PTO(r/min) 540/1000
Front Wheel Tread(mm) 1450
Rear Wheel Tread(mm) 1530
Wheelbase(mm) 2250
Min.Ground Clearance 430
Max.Lifting Force(kN) ≥15(20)
Gearbox 16F+4R

Standard Configuration
YTO Engine / Simple Hydraulic Output/ Semi-Separation Lifter/ Fixed Drawbar/ Outer Air Filters / ROPS
Optional Configurations
QUANCHAI Engine / YUCHAI Engine/ High Pressure Lifter/Simple Hydraulic Output(Just for Semi-separation lifter)/
10F+10R/PTO: 540/760,760/1000/2 Pairs of Hydraulic output / Air Brake / Swing Drawbar / 360°Rotary Drawbar /ROPS / Cabin with Fan or A/C or Heater / Inner Air Filter / Counterweight (Front and rear)
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