RF400-B/RF404-B, Four Wheel Drive Tractor

Model Unit RF400-B RF404-B
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 3420×1620/1330(narrow-distance)
Track gauge mm 1818 1818
Min. operation weight kg 1600 1650
Min. ground clearance mm 375 375
Rated power kw 29.4 29.4
Fuel consumption g/kw•h ≤248 ≤248
Clutch type / Dry, double acting Dry, double acting
Gearbox / 8F+2R or 8F+8R 8F+2R or 8F+8R
Brake type / Dry brake, hoof brake Dry brake, hoof brake
Tyre specification(front/reverse) / 5.0-15/11.2-24 5.0-15/11.2-24
Hydraulic lifter type / position, floating control position, floating control
Max. lifter force KN 6.65 6.65
Hydraulic output / 2 way multiplex valve 2 way multiplex valve
Traction force kN 6.0 6.0
PTO speed r/min 540/1000 540/1000
ROPS or Cabin / ROPS/Cabin ROPS/Cabin
●Equipped with famous engine, energy-saving, environmental protection, powerful, large torque reservation good stability and more advanced technology
●Hydraulic lift, it can realized pre-selection tilling depth and easy to adjust, full hydraulic power steering, easy steering
●Equipped with thick trend tire, make it more suitable for field operation, meanwhile, select and use flattrend tire, optional working environment with more flexible;
●Overall structure even and streamlined body design, wheelbase 1592mm and small tunring radius so that the operation can be performed in a narrow space.
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