RD454,Four Wheel Drive Tractor


Model Unit RD454-A
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 3540×1245×2210
Track gauge mm 1755
Min. operation weight kg 1800
Max. ground clearance mm 290
Rated power kW 33.1
Clutch type / Dry, double acting
Gearbox / 8F+8R shuttle shift
Brake type / Dry & disk type
Tyre specification(front/reverse) / 6.5-16/11.2-24
Hydraulic lifter type / Semi-separated lifter
Max. lifter force kN ≥7.5
Hydraulic output / 2 Hydraulic outputs
Hydraulic suspension system / Three-point rear suspension, II
Traction force kN 10.5
PTO speed r/min 540/760, optional 540/1000
ROPS or Cabin / ROPs

Strong power, good performance
●Match the famous countries Ⅱ engine, powerful, high reliability and good fuel economy;
●Imported 9.5-inch imported friction disc, independently operated double-acting clutch, imported friction material, large torque reserve coefficient and reliable performance;
●Gearbox gear 8F+8R, with the ideal working speed required for various operations.

Safe, reliable and reliable
●The reliability of gearbox and rear bridge is greatly improved, which can better meet the requirement of deep pine ground operation.
●Enhanced dual speed power output, wide range of supporting machines and tools, high reliability;
●Double oil cylinder strong pressure hoist, high lifting force, more suitable for supporting large machines and tools for operation;
●960mm narrow wheelbase, suitable for multi-regional agronomic needs.

Comfortable, safe and easy to drive
●8F+8R shuttle gear shifting is more smooth and comfortable, and the continuous gear shifting speed is fast, so as to improve the operating efficiency.
●Intelligent instrument, monitor the whole machine working condition, fault content and Chinese characters display at any time, and upload all data to the cloud server automatically.
●Streamline design, beautiful and generous shape, good operation vision;
●Ergonomic optimization design, through dust, shock, noise reduction processing, more comfortable driving.
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