Modelo Unit 4QZ-3000A
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 7500×3370×3550
Wheel base mm 2616
Min. service mass kg 8580
Min. ground clearance mm 385
Engine displacement / National Grade III
Nominal power kw 243
Fuel consumption rate g/kw•h ≤225
Running speed transmission / Hydrostatic stepless transmission
Number of transmission shift / Stepless speed transmission + upshift/lowshift
Brake type / Automobile caliper brake
Tyre specification (front/rear wheels) / 17.5L-24R/75-15.3W
Header type / Reciprocating header
Header type / Quick hitched header
Lift range of header mm 100~725
Swath m 3
Stubble height mm ≦120
Number of inlet rollers Pcs. 8
Width of feeder chamber mm 580
Diameter of shredding drum mm 800
Speed of shredding drum r/min 1000
Structure form of shredding blade / Hob type
Number of blades Pcs. 40
Cutting length mm 10-45
Power output speed r/min 2200
Cab / Luxury cab

 ● The longer reciprocating header is used, which has higher capacity of harvesting laid and high-stem crops without easily blocking;
 ● Advanced feeding unit integrates the feeding and flattening functions, and is provided with the rubbing function so that the feeds are easily processed for a high utilization;
 ● The hob-type shredding unit features simple structure, good reliability and high shredding efficiency;
 ● The high-intensity double-roller crushing unit is adopted which features advanced structure and high crushing rate up to the internationally advanced level;
 ● Secondary throwing unit is equipped which features strong throwing ability without causing scatter;
 ● Positive and reverse rotating devices are equipped so that overfeed will be reversed promptly to improve operation efficiency;
 ● Hydrostatic driving technology is adopted for running which has the advantages of simple structure and high reliability;
 ● Electromagnetic valve remote control technology is used which has the advantages of advanced structure and easy operation;
 ● The key parts are provided with imported hydraulic components, bearings and belts, with excellent performance and high reliability;
 ● Reasonable and easy-to-go design is made, where overload protection system is configured in several positions, making the whole machine safer and more reliable;
 ● 330 horsepower national Grade-III branded engine is equipped, which has the advantages of strong power, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption and good economical efficiency;
 ● With low stubble height, it can harvest laid crops and features good adaptability and high harvesting efficiency, able to ensile 12-15 mu corns per hour;
 ● Hydrostatic driving technology is adopted for running which has the advantages of simple structure and high reliability.
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