1GLZ-230A,Crawler Rotary Tiller


Model Unit 1GLZ-230A
Boundary dimension (L*W*H) mm 3580×2500×2600
Structural mass kg 2158
Efficiency per hour h㎡/h 0.3~0.6
Rail gauge mm 1200
Track Width mm 400
Track number/pitch Pcs/mm 51/90
Grounding area 1.28
PTO speed r/min 580
Oil charge kg/h㎡ ≤35
Nominal power kW 74
Rated speed r/min 2600
Width mm 2300
Tilling depth mm Dry farmland: 80-100; paddy field: 100-160
Number of rotary tiller blades Pcs. 54 in either positive and negative directions
Type of rotary tiller blade / IT195 rotary tiller blade
Tool spindle speed r/min 280
Powerful and strong in throughout capacity
Matching Quanchai 90 and 100 hp national III engines; high pressure common rails, strong power, high reliability;
Matching 400 mm wide tracks to reduce effectively the damage to the soil; strong anti-sag and throughout capacity;
Matching 32 displacement HST, 60B gearbox, high reliability and strong walking ability.

Adjustable tillage width and depth, high working efficiency
2 m and 2.3 m rotary tillers optional, high in operating efficiency;
Suitable for dry farmland and paddy fields. Operating depth: 80-16 mm (dry farmland); 100-180 mm (paddy fields);
Unique design to prevent the high temperature of the water tank caused by mud splashing to the tank protection net, saving cleaning time.

Better ergonomics, more convenient maintenance
The rotary tiller is lifted or lowered with an electric control structure and integrated with the steering to make the operation convenient and comfortable;
The seat is adjustable in the front and at the rear according to the operator;
Large quantities of universal belts and other wearing parts for rice machines help cut down the maintenance costs.
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