ZL-CRT-230 crawler type self-propelled rotary tiller


Features of crawler type self-propelled rotary tiller

1. Unique: adopt rubber track as self-propelled walking structure Average ground pressure is lower than 19KPA Compared with the wheeled type rotary tiller, it will not destroy the lower layer of the mud during operation in paddy field, what is more, it can repair the destroyed lower layer mud

2. Advanced technology: the length of ground contact is longer, whole sides bearing type assembly rotary device which enables the performance is superior to other product Easy operation and convenient maintenance

3. Applicability: crawler type self-propelled rotary tiller overcome the deficiencies of other paddy rotary tiller and is your best choice for paddy field cultivator Meanwhile, it can meet a variety of operation requirements such as paddy field tillage, slurring, dry field cultivating, ridging and trenching and more

4. Stability:
1) Ground breaking rate is 61% higher than international rate 50% and higher than wheeled type rotary tiller 51%
2) The stability of working depth comes to 90% and higher than international and wheeled type rotary tiller 85%
3) Vegetation coverage rate 93%, higher than international 55% and wheeled type rotary tiller 90%
4) The damage to the field is 0, wheeled type rotary tiller, the damage to the field is 2cm
5) Working efficiency: the working width 2.3m crawler rotary tiller is 10mu which is similar with the wheel type rotary tiller
6) Food output: it achieves the long term stability, high output and the average out put/mu is 10kgs higher than wheeled type rotary tiller
Model ZL-CRT-230
structure Crawler type sell propelled
dimension(length x width x height):mm 3180 x 2350 x 1960
weight(kg) 1950
Working width(cm) 230
Working knife Rotary blade
maximum turning radius(mm) 245
Blades number(piece) 64
Rotary cutting face(piece) 32
Blades number per cutting area 2
Matched power 4102diesel engine 55KW 260 r/min



Rotary tiller without roller(mainly for dry field)  rotary tiller with roller (mainly for paddy field )

Laternal side                                                                 laternal side of rotary roller

Rotary roll (core)


  Self rescue device (when using the optional rotary tiller is stuck in the mud in the field)

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