Model Unit 4LZT-5.0QC
Overall dimensions length 4595 4840
width 2020 2320
height 2220 2840
rated power kW 70/72/74
Mass of complete machine kg 37EmissionsHST+75Gearbox
Header width mm 2750
Feed quantity kg/s 2000/2200
Minimum ground clearance mm 5
Threshing cylinder Dimension(Outer diameter×length) mm 300
Track Specification (pitch×pitch nos.×width) mm/pitch Φ538×1290、Φ538×662
Track distance mm 90mm×52pitch×400mm
Grain receiving type / 1150

More efficient
●Matching quality engines, powerful and more efficient in operation;
●The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, high in ground clearance, and flexible in operation. It is particularly suitable for paddy field operations in small plots such as hills and mountainous areas.
●The diameter of the guide wheel is enlarged and simple and reliable in structure, and the key parts are imported;
●High ground clearance chassis matching widened and lengthened 44 tracks help improve the deeper mud corner passing capacity and the paddy field operation efficiency;
●The optimized design of the vertical flow threshing technology is matched with a high-efficiency cleaning system, making the crop processing capability much stronger. The system has solved the poor feeding of the longitudinal axial flow and large cleaning loss.
More reliable
●The chassis frame is welded with high strength manganese steel, which has prolonged its service life and improved its strength;
●28 displacement HST matching 50 gearbox has prolonged the product service life;
●Internationally renowned brands of belts, bearings, and electrical appliances provide better reliability for harvesting of fallen crops;
●Quality components such as optimal design of electrical systems, new combination instruments, and imported waterproof connectors provide better waterproof performance and higher reliability.
More comfortable
●Stepless walking, steering, and header lifting and lowering, more comfortable and much simpler;
●Fiberglass shields are convenient and easy to dismantle and maintain;
●Optional small granaries and a variety of unloading methods facilitate unloading and enlarge adaptability.
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