Model Unit 4LZT-2.5Q
Overall dimensions length mm 4840
width mm 2320
height mm 2840
rated power kW 55/65
Mass of complete machine kg 2565
Header width mm 2000
Feed quantity kg/s 2.5
Minimum ground clearance mm 245/275
Threshing cylinder Dimension(Outer diameter×length) mm Φ538×1290、Φ538×662
Track Specification (pitch×pitch nos.×width) mm/pitch 90mm×48pitch×400/450mm
Track distance mm 980
Grain receiving type / Manual or mechanical spiral unloading

More efficient
●Matching large horsepower quality engines, powerful and more efficient in operation;
●Upgraded feeding system ensures that no grass is intertwined with the auger at the time of harvesting high stem lodging crops so as to improve the efficiency;
●A 1.8-meter high unloading drum is equipped, featuring convenient unloading and high working efficiency;
●The chassis system is completely upgraded. The ground clearance is high and flexible without sagging in deep muddy field operation.
More reliable
●37 displacement HST matching enhanced 75 gearbox makes the product more durable and reliable;
●The walking system is equipped with an imported triangle belt, and the key parts are imported bearings and more reliable to use;
●Quality components such as optimal design of electrical systems, new combination instruments, and imported waterproof connectors provide better waterproof performance and higher reliability.
More comfortable
●New console, integrated operation, more comfortable to use;
●The conveying system can be reversed and it can handle plugging faults quickly and easily;
●Paddy rice harvesters, cold-heat cabs, smashers, lower cutters, and rapeseed devices can be configured to enlarge the application.
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