4LZT-6.0ZB Track type full feeding grain combine harvester


Equipped with the international well-known brand double pump, double motor hydrostatic drive chassis, high reliability, strong driving power, to achieve  differential steering, convenient to change direction in field;
Adopt LCD, high intelligent instrumentation, match the CAN technology, to inspect the working state and give alarm to the 
International famous brand integrated electronic control handle, to realize convenient and flexible operation.
One- bar type integrated handle can control steering function and rise and fall, and rotation of cutting head, reel and unloading
tube, to make convenient and comfortable operation.
4.4 m long unloading grain tube, 270 ° rotation and lifting up and down, long-distance conveying grain to truck.
Type Unit Parameter
Engine manufacturer Quanchai / QUANCHAI
Rated power kW 81
Dimension (LengthxWidthxheight) mm 5500×2700×3000
Transmission type / Double variable hydraulic motor
Weight kg 4000
Cutting width mm 2500
Feeding capacity kg/s 6.0
Min. ground clearance mm 550
Threshing drum
Size (diameterxlength)
mm φ620×2000
Rubber track Spec.(pitchxsectionxwidth) mm 90mm×60(section)×500mm
guage mm 1300
Unloading method / Mechanic spiral self-unloading

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