Sprout Cultivating Line


1. It can finish all kinds of process about sowing rice seed, spreading soil, sprinkling, and covering soil one-time.
2. The spiral seed-metering device meets the need of precision seeding, achieves adjustable quantity of seed, and increases sowing uniformity. It is used widely to raise seedling of hybrid, inbred, super rice.

Reduce null transplanting ratio, better saving
3. Compared to the traditional manual seedling, this reduces the null transplanting ratio of machine seedling with a wide margin, and also decreases the costs for production and labor compensation.
Good seedling effect, increase production and cost-saving
4. Disk-cultivated sprout by planting production line have the advantages of slim, neat, and strong seedlings.
5. Compared with manual seeding, this will save 85 - 100 Yuan per Chinese Mu;
6. Both plastic hard disk or soft disk can be used, and the working efficiency of the machine is 600 - 800 disks per hour, it allows the mechanized production of a whole course of rice. It is a necessary component that ensures the stable and high production, and also a choice for increasing production and cost-saving.
Mechanized machining operation, scientific and high efficiency
7. SBL-280 model rice seedlings production line can realize auto earth-laying, seedling to ensure even seedling amount and unified subsoil thickness for benefit of seed disk root. The product is easy to use, with 220V power or generator where that power is not available.    
Model SBL-280A
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm) 6830*480*1020
Gross Weigh (Kg) 190
Power 50HZ  220V  360W
Efficiency (trays//h) 600~800
Lay Soil Tank (L) 45
Seed Tank (L) 30
Cover Soil Tank (L) 45
Seed Quantity Adjust (r/min) Controlled by adjusting speed knob of adjustable speed motor
Sowing Quantity Range Hybrid rice (g/tray)     Inbred rice (g/tray)
65~110 100~290
Uniformity of sowing ≥95%
The thickness of subsoil (mm) 18~25
The thickness of surface soil (mm) 3~9

the Trays should be ordered separately.
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