Forage Harvester--Hay Pickup Series


Higher Efficiency
1. Lower stubble, with high efficiency of 0.8-1.0 h㎡/hr.

2. Row-independent type can harvest laid crops with wider applicability.
3. 220hp engine for super strong power and higher efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.
4. 10-45mm chopping length, adjustable 3 levels.
5. Advanced feeding device can realize feeding and flattering, superior palatability.
6. Positive & negative transmissions can timely anti-spit while blocked.
7. Full hydraulic control, short turning radius, convenient and flexible to control.
8. Optional for knead device, can improve ensilage quality, conducive to digestion.
More Comfort
1. Comfortable driving environment with better visibility, fashionable dashboard and user-friendly design.
2. Hydrostatic drive, advanced structure, deliver easier serviceability and comfort


Model 4QZ-3000A
Header type Row-independent 
Type Self-Propelled
Cutting width (m) 3
Lowest stubble height (mm) ≤120
Feeding roller quantity ≥16
Feeder house width (mm) 580
Chopping drum diameter (mm) 800
Chopping drum rotary speed (r/min) 1000
Chopping blade type Slicer
Chopping length (mm) 10-45 (adjustable)
Throwing angel ±90°
Throwing height (arm backwards) (m) 5
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 7500*3370*3550
Engine power (kw) 221
Weight (kg) 8580
Walking shift type Hydrostatic CVT


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