Forage Harvester--Corn Header Series


Higher efficiency

1. Vertical casket header features advanced structure and excellent profitability. Overload protection system makes operator more peace of mind.
2. Unrestricted space type can harvest laid crops with wider applicability.       
 3.  260hp engine for super strong power and higher efficiency.
 4.   Knead device improves ensilage quality, conducive to digestion for cattle.
 5.   Throwing fan is added in the middle of thrower tube, combined with grinder device, can improve       chopping quality efficiently and reduce power loss.  
 6.   Positive & negative device realizes the reversing of feeding mechanism by one-click touch, spitting out redundant green-feed and improving efficiency without damaging working parts.
More comfort
Electro hydraulics technology, easy to maneuver


Model FS80
Header type Row-independent 
Type Self-Propelled
Cutting width (m) 4-5
Lowest stubble height (mm) ≤120
Feeding roller quantity ≥16
Feeder house width (mm) 780
Chopping drum diameter (mm) 630
Chopping drum rotary speed (r/min) 1200
Chopping blade type Hobbing cutter
Chopping length (mm) 10-30
Throwing angel ±210°
Throwing height (arm backwards) (m) 4
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 8100*3450*4000
Engine power (kw) 330
Weight (kg) 11000
Walking shift type The hydraulic stepless variable speed drive


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