Model Unit 4GZT-1
Structural type / Self-walking wheel
Engine Rated power/rotated speed kW 129kW/2200rpm
Boundary dimension(L*W*H) mm 9770×2200×3300
Machine weight kg 8000
Width of crawler mm 320
Center distance of crawler mm 1320
Adapted ridge width mm ≥900
Adapted ridge height mm 0~200
Adapted gradient % ≤20
Running speed km/h 0~6.65
Production rate per operating hour t/h 10
Total loss ratio % ≤7
Damage ratio of perennial root % ≤18
impurity ratio % ≤5
Percent of pass of cutter height % ≥90
system voltage V 24
●Machine Using in small field, narrow line spacing and equips sugarcane collected carriage
●Equipping tip cutting device which is lower the impurity ratio.
●Stationary cutter added at two side of ridge supporter to effective solve the problem of vine winded and reduce feeding pressure.
●Equipping with Yuchai high pressure common rail engine which is stronger power ,lower oil consumption and reliable performance.
●The underpan can be floated with rubber crawler which is lower ground pressure and stronger passage capacity.
●The convey channel adopts detrash device with high abrasion proof and good performance of detrash and service life.
●Adopting 180°rotate unloading and leveling collector, moveable during working to keep carriage level
●Cutting tip during convey adopts high strength composite material to cut tip completely and no damage for sugarcane.
●Rotate speed ratio of sorting fan is adjustable with good performance of sorting
●The machine adopts Beidou navigation integration acre measure control system with high precision and efficiency
●All system adopting software control with intelligent fault diagnosed
●Adopting load-sensitive hydraulic system with auto-control flow distribution to meet dynamic load request and energy saving and reliable.
●Hydraulic system heat dissipation independently with control rotate speed of fan and energy saving and lower noise
●All electric parts are using Europe and America importing brand. The connectors enjoys reliable quality with waterproof,dustproof and anti-loose
●The operation system controlled by CAN bus with easy wiring and reliable information sharing
●The sensor control technology which is capable of monitoring machine working state.
●The machine walking adopting one-button operation, the diversion controlled by imported steering wheel with comfortable operation.
●The great view cab with Grammer seat and imported special AC to have comfortable driving.
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