AS60 Sugarcane Harvester


• Equipped Cummins engine with high-pressure common rail system, powerful and reliable performance
• Installed with Compass(Beidou) navigation control system integrated MU meter instrument, high measurement precision and efficiency
• Whole system controlled by software, intelligent fault diagnosis; Hydraulic oil temperature automatically adjusted, energy conservation and noise reduction;
• Adjustable fan motor rotate speed ration of cleaning system, better effect cleaning;
• Variable diameter conveying technology is applied in conveying channel, any block will trigger alert and be cleaned
• Rotary mechanical bow frame unloading device make harvesting well-adapted
• Load-sensitive hydraulic system control to allot flow, which fulfill load dynamic requirement and is energy saving and reliable.
• Whole electric components are used with EU/US brand, connectors are water proof, dust prevention and locking and reliable quality;
• Master operation system is controlled by CAN bus, easy connection and reliable communication;
• Full floating rubber crawler chassis, low ground pressure and high transit capacity
• Unique cutting technology driven by double-motor and hydraulic automatic balance, fracture surface tidy and net
• Harvesting in wide and narrow row, auxiliary binary spiral roller make feeding system more stronger
• One-button operated traveling system with imported steering wheel controlled providing more comfortable operation
• Cabin is equipped with luxurious interiors and imported specialized air-conditioner serve comfortable driving.

Model 4GQV-1A
Overall size (Length×Width×Height)  (mm) 10600×2300×3900
Total weight (kg) 8100±200
Track distance  (mm)  1500
Wheel base   (mm)  2310
Length of track on ground   (mm)                 1900
EngineType Straight engine, water-cooling, 4 stroke, turbo direct Injection
Engine Rated power/rpm ( kW/rpm) 140/2200
Displacement 6.7
Emission standard stage III
Track wi (mm) 350
Contact pressure (kpa) ≤59
Feeding quantity (kg/s) 6.0
Workable row spacing (mm) ≥900
Workable row height  (mm) 0~200
Max. Gradient(°) 20
Traveling speed  (kw/h) 0~6.65
Qualified rate of cutting height(%) ≥90
Rate of ratoon broken (%) ≤15
Impurity rate (%) ≤10
Total loss rate  (%) ≤7
Qualified rate of cane (%) ≥90
Fuel consumption per hectare  (kg/h㎡) ≤160

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