Zoomlion Agriculture Machinery Sparkle at the 117th Canton Fair


The 117th Canton Fair inaugurated on April 15th, 2015. Zoomlion presented, with the public’s high expectation, its traditional agriculture machinery, grain machinery, agriculture implements, and garden machinery in the Fair. It gives excellent performance with innovative and practical products, which wins the applause of all domestic and overseas customers, fellows and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME).
Why is Zoomlion so overwhelmingly glamorous? Let’s explore it at the Canton Fair site. 

First Highlight: Profession contributes to popularity.
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Among the hustling customers, leaders of CCCME randomly interviewed a customer from Central and South America, Mr. Joseph, “Why does Zoomlion attract your attention?” Mr. Joesph is a veteran worker in overseas agriculture machinery industry, and has deep affection for Chinese brands. He said, “I have been paying attention to Zoomlion as it is famous in Peru. I see this delicate exhibition booth, high-quality products, professional commercial and service team here and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg of Zoomlion’s strength. My visit to the Canton Fair makes me more confident about Zoomlion.”

Second Highlight: The high-end transformation is temporarily fruitful.

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Zoomlion’s exhibition also attracts the industry’s attention. Mr. Zhou, with over 10 years’ experiences in this industry, said, “The development of agriculture machinery industry has encountered the ‘ceiling’. No breakthrough has been made. We can only get some shares of the global segment market and cannot enter the mainstream. In this exhibition, Zoomlion brings updated wheeled tractor, crawler tractor especially for paddy field, “HOT” sugarcane harvester and grain drying machinery as well as fertilizer UAV which debuted at this Fair. All these prove that Zoomlion has risen as the leader of this industry and undertaken the high-end transformation of Chinese agriculture machinery industry, from which people in this industry see the prospect and confidence as Chinese agriculture machinery takes part in international competition and will upgrade its international speech right.”

Third Highlight: Quality wins customers’ trust.

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On the first day at Canton Fair, Kenya customers placed an order of 12 units of tractors and signed a sales contract of 200 units for a year. We asked this customer, “Why did you make this decision so quickly?” His answer is very simple, “Our company is the Kenya dealer of Mercedes-Benz, so we have very high requirements of quality and brand. At the exhibition site, I see your sample vehicles. Its extraordinary quality has won our trust and the price is competitive. According to my knowledge, these 12 units of tractors will rapidly open the African market and brings return on investment. I can see the future cooperation with your company regarding other agriculture machinery products. ”
All this is the start. We believe Zoomlion’s great influence and product strength will become our unique power in domestic and overseas market competition. Join us in the expectation of Zoomlioin Agriculture Machinery prospect. 

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