Zoomlion Alliances with European Suppliers for Directing at High-end in Agricultural Machinery


Zoomlion signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the world-class suppliers of agricultural machinery parts, such as ZF, Deutz, Bosch Rexroth and Carraro in EIMA 2014 of Italy, which indicated that Zoomlion officially launched the strategy by integrating the global resources, building the world-class leading chain of agricultural machinery and product platform for high-end agricultural equipment.
Zoomlionis negotiating with foreign suppliers of agricultural machinery parts
Through the setting up of the European strategic purchasing alliance, Zoomlion will gradually establish the world-class technical standard system with the core of product development standard, technical process standard and supply technical standard of parts in the links of R&D, production and parts procurement, so as to provide strong system safeguard in the performance and quality of products. Furthermore, Zoomlion will simultaneously produce agricultural machinery products with higher content of technology and higher degree of specialization to serve customers world-wide on the basis of the technical upgrading and reserving of the global supply chain and the accurate grasp of the developing trend of international agricultural equipment technology and customer demand.
The negotiation scene of the representatives from Zoomlion and Deutz
The representatives of ZF, the world famous engine manufacturer, said Zoomlion being the leader of Chinese agricultural machinery industry with rapid development in globalization strategy. This powerful combination of the both sides would make the constant surpassing on the road of international cooperation of agricultural machinery, and archiving the high-end agricultural machinery products with global leading level through mutual efforts.

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