Zoomlion's 6 High-end Machines Rocking International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition


As a service provider to provide the global users with integrated solutions for the mechanization of agricultural production, Zoomlion debuted in the 2014 China Agricultural Machinery Exhibition with its six new high-end agricultural machines on October 28, just like "six arrows" aiming at the integrated solutions for the production chain from plowing, planting to harvesting in the modern agriculture, which instantly rocked the largest agricultural machinery event across Asia.

Zoomlion 2015 New High-end Agricultural Machinery Launch Ceremony
It is reported that the Zoomlion "Grain King" AS60 sugarcane harvester, SG80 ride-type high-speed transplanter, TB70 wheat harvester, PL40 crawler-type full-feeding combine harvester, "Plowing King" LZ702 crawler-type tractor and RN1004 wheeled tractor debuted one by one on the new product launch ceremony, with high-end exterior design and sophisticated functional configurations grabbing the attention of audience. Many users got on the cabs, to enjoy the comfortable driving experience on modern agricultural machines.

According to the presentation of David, chief engineer from North America R&D team of Zoomlion, such new machines as AS60 sugarcane harvester, RN1004 wheeled tractor and LZ702 crawler-type tractor are designed for high-end market, which integrate the high-end R&D and manufacturing resources in North America and Europe with industry-leading technical advancement and quality reliability, and are comparable with all high-end "foreign brand" machines in Chinese market.

As a leading product of Zoomlion to China's sugarcane harvester market, the "Grain King" AS60 sugarcane harvester is developed in accordance with the agronomic conditions of sugarcane in China. The unique full-hydraulic drive technology of automatic information feedback by open-closed assembled motor load as well as patented technologies of split-type sugarcane cutter and dual-motor-driven hydraulic autobalance guarantee the faster and more flexible machine running, lower operating breakage rate and higher efficiency.

Zoomlion AS60 Sugarcane Harvester
Zoomlion LZ702 crawler-type tractor which pays more attention to the adaptability and controllability is equipped with HST stepless speed change and three-gear gearbox, optimizes the dynamical system design, and uses rubber crawler contributing to the light weight of machine, flexible running and steering. It is more available for paddy field, sloping field, hill and the severe working environment of other small plots, as well as settlement of insufficient tilling depth, slipping and subsidence.

Zoomlion "Plowing King" LZ702 Crawler-type Tractor
As an unprecedented farming machine combining easiness and efficiency, the "Plowing King" RN1004 wheeled tractor is developed by Zoomlion through integrating the R&D resources in North America and Europe. The machine pioneers the domestic industry to use power shift technology, with its hydraulic lifting device having the functions of force adjustment, position adjustment and force-position adjustment, contributing to more reasonable speed matching, more comfortable manipulation, more efficient operation, enhanced security and comfort for the driver, and availability to work in variety of soil conditions.
Zoomlion "Plowing King" RN1004 Wheeled Tractor
In addition to the technical advancement and quality reliability, the newly launched machines of Zoomlion attach great importance to the adaptability and efficiency in different production areas. According to Chen Yongjun- Deputy General Manager of Zoomlion, the "Grain King" TB 70 wheat harvester, PL40 crawler-type full-feeding combine harvester and SG80 ride-type high-speed transplanter have undergone detailed market survey and technological improvements, and the enhancement of product efficiency, innovation and operating comfort by advanced technical reserve, and configuration of parts from international and domestic famous brands make the machines the trailblazers of China's harvesting machinery towards the "high-end and high-efficiency" era.
Zoomlion SG80 Ride-type High-speed Transplanter

Zoomlion "Grain King" TB 70 Wheat Harvester

Zoomlion "Grain King" PL40 Crawler-type Full-feeding Combine Harvester

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