Chery RSeries New Forklifts Worldwide Market Debut


On 19 May, the Hanover International Logistics Technology Exhibition (CEMAT) held every three years was opened in Germany. Countless Global exhibitors were attracted to come; China's leading manufacturer of modern equipment Chery Heavy Industry exhibited its forklifts series for the first time, and launched "R" series new high-end forklifts at the exhibition.


CheryDetank Heavy Industry launches R series forklifts, with flexible drive technology and reaching world leading level in solving machine vibration, noise, etc., which also become as product attracting the most attention of customers. Overseas Division General Manager of Chery Heavy Industry Yuan Yongfu also said: the global launch of the R series forklifts, not only attracts a large number of orders with its rich technical details and ergonomic design; but also has outstanding advantages in quality, energy consumption, safety and other aspects; achieving more scientific and reasonable vehicle matching to further improve reliability, and representing the superior manufacturing strength of Chinese national brand.

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