Reel Irrigation Machine,JP-75-300


1.JP series reel irrigation machine includes chassis, reel, PE pipe, water worm gear, gearbox, speed compensation device and sprinkler, the center parts are PE pipe, water worm gear, gearbox.
2.JP series reel irrigation machine's working principle is that putting the host to the edge of the irrigation farm, dragging the delivery water pipe which is winds on the host and the sprinkler wagon to the other edge by dragging power, connecting to the source of water and reaching the working water pressure,the sprinkler wagon spray water though spray-gun or overhang, at the same time, the host produce machinery power though water worm gear, gearbox, and drivetrain assembly, rolling up the reel by water pressure.
3.The reel rolls up to drive the delivery water pipe from one edge to the host. At the same time, the sprinkler wagon can move constantly while the reel keep rolling up, this makes the sprinkler wagon moving while it can spray water until the whole working is finished. when the sprinkler wagon reaching the host position, the host will elevate it and fix it , the whole irrigation will be finished. Cutting the power, the host can go to the other farm to irrigate.

Main parts:
1. Water worm gear
Water worm gear is the center part of the whole machine,setting at the helping flow position,and the working power driving system.
2. Gearbox
The gearbox is the control system of the machine,it can complete clutch, brake, shifting, safe recovery of the transmisson system.
3. Turntable
The car special turntable can push aside the turntable fixing position,rolls up the reel,Choose direction freely in 270 degrees at the situation of unmoving the machine. 
4. Guidence device
Guidence device's center part is the guide rod,which is automatic forward and reverse "8"screw orientation system.
5. Automatic adjustment device
It can adjust the water worm gear's nozzle open rate to realize the water worm gear's stepless speed.and guarantee the PE pipe ,which winds on the reel,keep balance between each layer.
6. PE pipe
\  \
The reel sprayer's PE pipe uses the Special polyethylene material ,it services life maybe 15years.
7. Sprinkler
The sprinkler's main material is the aluminum alloy and hard plastic ,the spray-gun is flexible .


Model JP-75-300
Outline dimensions (L,W,H) (mm) 3490*(1500- 1800)*2620
The effective spraying length(m) 300
PE pipe diameter (mm) 75
PE pipe length (m) 280
Single sprinkler Flow rate(M³/h) 15-37
Working pressure (Mpa) 0.55-0.90
Nozzle diameter(mm) 16-24
The effective spring width(m) 47-74
Water spraying range(m) 27-43
Truss type sprinkler Working pressure(Mpa) 0.4-0.7
The number of  nozzle *diameter(mm) 13*4.4-7.5
Flow rate(M³/h) 11 .4-38.3
The ellective spring width(m) 30-34
Water spraying range(m) 40-50


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