Linear irrigation System


1.Driven by motor tires, linear irrigation system makes reciprocating translational motion in the field, and forms a rectangular irrigation area. 
2.There are  two ways to supportting water:
1)Channel water supply, host own diesel engines, generators and pumps, the pump suction tube drain own self-cleaning filter. Guidence  generally uses cable, channels can be in the middle, can also be placed on one side of the  machine;
2)Pipeline water supply, water supply pressure comes  from the pipeline. The host  may bring their own diesel engines, generators, but also be provided power by special high-strength cable.     

Main parts:
1. Poly-lined Pipe
Our poly-lined pipe is designed as an alternative to our standard hot-dipped galvanized pipe. POLY-LINE™ combines a tough galvanized exterior with durable polyethylene liner to eliminate problems caused by acidic, corrosive or saline water.
2. Tower Box
The tower box is constructed of white, heavy-wall UV stabilized thermoplastic with a galvanized steel base. Features include a stainless steel cam shaft and adjustable, moisture-resistant directional micros. The rigid base and oversize cam spring enhance the machine alignment characteristics to reduce structural stress.
3. High Floatation Ag Tires
Multiple tire options are available to match your span requirements and soil conditions. Available in 11.2x24,14.9x24, 16.9x24, 11.2x38.
4. Sprinkler Options
\         \
Application of water to best fit your crop needs is critical. That’s why we offer the latest in sprinkler packages and latest end-gun options. Products from Nelson®, Senninger® and Komet® are custom to your needs and specifications.

Model DPP-135 DPP-190 DPP-245 DPP-300 DPP-360 DPP-421 DPP-505
Totallength of the machine (m) 135, 190, 245 ,300, 360, 421, 505
Pipe (mm) 127, 168 & 219
Length of the span(m) 49.1 , 54.9 & 60.7
Guidence Furrow, cable , buried wire (import)
Power supply method Generator system or drag cable 
Water supply method Dragpipe (two-wheeled , four-wheeled); ditch suction (four-wheeled , universal ditch suction)
Watering uniformity ≥90%
Motor power(hp) 10.75 & 1.5
Gear motor RPM 50:1 & 52:1
Tyre 14.9-24 
Note :The length of  the machine can be adjusted according to irrigation area.

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