Round Baler 9YY-1000


Model Unit 9YY-1000
Dimensions (length, width and height) mm 3500×2180×2080
Distance between the wheel mm 2200
The whole machine quality kg 2800
Form a complete set of power kW ≥66.2
Matching PTO speed r/min 540
Working speed km/h 2-6
Collecting device Lifting assembly / Hydraulic type
Pickup width mm 1710
Pickup spring number string 52
Be born way / Hydraulic type
Provide way / Hydraulic type
Cut off the way / Optimized cutting knife (5 pieces)
Baling room diameter mm 1000
width mm 1000
Bale forming drum quantity Pcs 16
size mm 193
speed r/min 135
Baling way / Wrap net
Tire specification / 15.0/55-17
Safety device / transmission safety device/ traction safety device
Baler density kg/m3 180-250
A ton of grass consumes oil kg/t ≤0.9
Pure hours productivity kg/h ≥3000
Bale size mm 1000×1000
Machine connection mode / Suspension connection

Easy to use
 ● Manual/automatic baling random switching, easier operation;
 ● Full hydraulic operating system, make operation convenient and flexible, improve operation efficiency;
 ● Easy to operate network winding system;
 ● The hand controller realizes the continuous automation of bundling, adjustable winding net, cutting net
with falling knife and automatic baling process.
 ● Adjustable bottom plate and tool holder to prevent clogging or quick removal of clog;
 ● The drive system of the reinforced chain is more stable.
 ● Hydraulic floating pick - up auger forced feeding system, more reliable operation.
Configuration optimal
 ● Hand controller control system;
 ● Imported bearing with three-level sealing and dustproof;
 ● Hydraulic floating pickup mechanism.
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