9YF-2200S Square Baler

9YF-2200S Square Baler

Model Unit 9YF-2200S
Size and weight Dimensions (length, width and height) mm 5710×2670×1750
Total weight kg 2850
Bale size Cross section mm 460X360
Cross section mm 350-1200
Baling plunger speed Stroke/min 100
route mm 550
Picking up the width of Picking up mm 2220
Number of gear picks / Two double helix cutter shafts
Pick up the number of burnishing teeth/the form of burnishing teeth / 21 hammer claws /63/84 swing knives
Spring tooth spacing mm 155~210
Copying wheel / 2 imitation skateboards
feeding system The feeding device / 4 Feed the fork into the structure
Protection device / Safety screw protection
Knot institutions A cord capacity / 6 a cord
A cord type / Plastic rope/nylon rope
Protection device / Safety screw protection
Requirements for
supporting tractors
power kW/hp 70~90/90~130PS Available
Power output shaft r/min 720
Baler density kg/m3 120-180

Easy to use
●Professional wheat and rice straw picking system (2200), for corn and other hard straw crushing operations (2200S);
●Type of herringbone strengthen traction frame, up and down around 3, 360 ° all-terrain traction homework;
●Floating wide width pick up device with low flat elastic teeth;
●Large feeding room, multi - mechanism straw bale adjustment pressure.
●The compression system is equipped with an inlet bearing shaft and a blade;
●Enhanced feeding room, single mechanism straw bale regulation pressure;
●16Mn plate rack, high strength, high reliability, better adaptability.
Configuration optimal
●European technical heavy D knotter;
●Three - level sealed dust-proof import bearing.
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