Model Unit 4YZL-5BZ1
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 7830×3425×3420
Drive the tyre wheel spacing mm 1900
Steering wheel spacing mm 1810
Min. ground clearance mm 280
Total weight kg 7440
Engine power kw/hp 129/175
Fuel consumption kg/hm² ≤35
Gearbox Type / mechanical gear shift
Swath mm 500-620
Space number / 5
Detached form / Single longitudinal axial flow
Drum width x diameter mm 3230×550
Separation mechanism form / Grid type
Cleaning mechnism / air sieve type

High efficiency and reliability
●Yuchai 175 horsepower high pressure common rail engine, large torque reserve, strong power;
●The four curved cross-cutting shaped stem rollers + cutting platform for grain harvest of ear picking board have high efficiency of pulling stem and good effect of ear picking;
●Widen the seed elevator to enhance the conveying capacity;
●310L fuel tank (210L main fuel tank +100L auxiliary fuel tank) to meet the daily operation requirements;
●Adopt three-axis external mesh closed side reduction, high reliability and good adaptability;
●Enhanced swing ring box and discharge gear box, longer service life.
More powerful function, one machine multi-purpose
●Single longitudinal axial flow disconnecting device, stronger disconnecting ability and more complete separation;
●Rear swing knife cutter, with good cutting effect and even sprinkling;
●The screen surface is cleaned with special punching hole, and the cleaning effect is good;
Wheat, soybean, millet, sorghum, rape and other crops can be harvested simultaneously;
●2.8m or 4.3m high grain discharge to meet the operation needs of different regions.
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