Corn Combine Harvester--4 Rows


Match the famous engine, energy saving, environmental protection, strong power, large torque reserve;
12 piece patent fan structure, can achieve speed regulation;
Integral chassis frame structure, the strength is better, the reliability is higher.。
Hydraulic driven model, hydraulic drive, the operation is more convenient, reduce the driving fatigue;
Four wheel drive models, more suitable for   soft and wet field work, two drive and four-wheel drive conversion convenient, match different working requirements;
Half + Half rubber rollers and flat iron combined peeling machine structure, peeling effect is better, the peeling rate is higher;
Full hydraulic steering system,  light and sensitive control;
Optimize the structure of the radiator, using a new type of maintenance free dust cover, effectively avoid the engine high temperature phenomenon;
Optimize the cutting table tensioning slider adjustment mechanism, so that the adjustment and maintenance of the reel chain is more convenient;
By dropping the header cover stamping ear, beautiful and practical, effectively avoid the loss of floor header ear;
Flail type cutting devise, chopping effect is  better;
The knife type stalk roller and plate stem roller can be interchangeable, match different needs of operation period;
The patent technology of floating pull stem roller to improve the discharge capacity of the elevator;
The gearbox adopts hydraulic drive 3-gear gearbox, advanced technology, reliable performance, easy operation;
different row corn machine cutting table as optional, adapt to different regions of the corn row spacing, to achieve a variety of agronomic fast harvest。
Cab configuration of new luxury interior optional A/C system, more comfortable driving environment;
Optimal design of engine vibration damping structure, reduce the vibration of the whole machine, improve the driving comfort;
Optimal design of shift control mechanism, improve the assembly convenience, control gear reliability and control comfort;
Display device optional reverse image LCD, and can realize the real-time monitoring of operation;
Using intelligent vehicle terminal system, to achieve a full range of intelligent precision monitoring。




Model 4YZ-4A
Structure model Self-peeling
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 9350*3050*3700
Weight (kg) 9000
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 400
Productivity (hm²/h) 0.5∽0.7
Engine manufacturer Yuchai
Structure type of engine  Vertical, in-line, water cooling, four stroke, super charger
Engine power (kw)  118
Rotating speed of engine (r/min) 2200
Fuel consumption per unit area (kg/hm²) ≤35
Number of harvesting rows 4
Row space (mm) 600~700
Smashing width (mm) 2600
Max.unloading height (mm) 2100
Transmission Mechanical
Picking mechanism Hydraulic self-unloading

4YZ-4C Corn Harvester Operation Video

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