Model Unit 4YZ-3C1
Structure weight mm 6700
Threshing type / Planetary wheel +shell sieve
Related power kW 129
Transmission type / mechanical CVT
Fuel capacity L 200
Lifter width mm 650
Picking type / Four blades for knife type
Rows / 3
Row space mm 600~700
Cutter width mm 2035
Chopper width mm 1850

 ● Adopt 4-knife type stalk roll + cluster picking plate device, efficient stalk pulling, less broken stalks, high reliability, strong applicability.
 ● Adopt bract-removing device of 4 groups of rubber roller and cast iron roller sink-shaped lines, elastic conveying of clusters, less loss of kernels,good cluster removing ability, high efficiency.
 ● Adopt 12-blade fan and dismountable stalk re-pulling and re-chopping structure, better cleaning and less impurities.
 ● New vibration screen with bract removing device, discharging impurities to the front of chopper, chopped completely and dropped to the field.
 ● Equipped with 140 hp 40-cylinder direct injection superchargedengine, strong power, low fuel consumption, good economy, efficient operation.
 ● Larger caliper brake adopted in front wheel, shoe brake adopted in rear wheel, automatic adjustment of brake clearance, more reliable and safer brake.
 ● New luxurious cab, equipped with reverse video, comfortable drive, easy manipulation.
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