Model Unit 4LZ-7B2
Overall dimension (L*W*H) mm 6630×3080×3320
Overall weight kg 5200
Cutting width mm 2580/2750
Feeding quantity kg/s 7
Minimum ground clearance mm 280
Threshing device / Tangential flow + horizontal axle flow drum threshing & dividing
Cleaning area m2 1.97
Grain tank capacity m3 2.0
Engine power kW 110
Gearbox / Mechanical 3+1 shift

●Equipped with 150 hp Yuchai engine with strong power and high reliability.
●Wider gap bridge, smooth feeding, strong conveying ability, fast work, high efficiency.
●Use unique tangential + horizontal axle flow drum threshing and dividing device, improve threshing components, stronger threshing and dividing ability, better performance.
●Wider cleaning chamber, strong cleaning ability and better performance.
●New-style combined meter has the functions of water temperature, oil pressure, oil quantity alarming and engine fault diagnosis. The indication is clear and reliable.
●Able to harvest maize kernel, paddy, soy and etc. with alternation of a few accessories, extensive applicability, high economic benefit.
●A variety of options available including hydrostatic drive, enclosed high-position unloading and etc.
●Brand new PP hood with strong toughness, good scratch resistance and beautiful style.
●Enclosed luxurious cab designed in accordance with ergonomics, with wide view and comfortable manipulation.
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