Model 4LZ-8BZ1
Feeding capacity (kg/s) 8
DimensionL×W×H (mm) 7480×3130×3460
Weight (kg) 6500
Driving wheel track(mm) 1900
Steering wheel track(mm) 1810
Cutting width(mm) 2750/2900/3500
Min ground clearance(mm) 280
Threshing roller type Axial nail type
diameter x Length(mm) 3230x550
Threshing concave type Grid type
Screening Type Wind screen
Grain tank volume(m³) 2.2
Engine Power(kW) 103
Oil consumption (kg/hm2) ≤35
Gearbox Mechanical 3+1

Strong Power and high work efficiency
Select most famous engine in China, with strong Power  , high reliability and large reserve torque coefficient;
Select 800serise drive axle with rear wheel drive,has good passing ability and adaptability; 
Use high unloading grain tube,more suitable for large land harvest;
920mm dilated axle,more smoothly for feeding ,stronger handing ability,working faster and has higher harvest efficiency.

Multi-fuction,more powerful
Single longitudinal drum of axial flow threshing and separation device,update threshing unit,enhanced threshing and separation ability;
Use Angle adjustable plate roller cover of  grass  guider ,higher adaptability for different crops;
With cutting and chopping device,strew Laid evenly and convenient;
Stepless speed changing roller,adjusting range is wider,suitable for different crops,achieve multi-fuction.

comfortable and safe driving
The man-machine engineering design optimization,with new A/C cabin,Through dust damping and noise reduction process, make driving more comfortable;  
Use new combined instrument, with the functions of temperature, oil pressure and oil alarm, good  effect and high reliability;
With GPS system, Video camera and reversing radar, driving easy and safe.

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