Model 4LZ-8B1
Feeding capacity (kg/s) 8
Structure type  Full feeding self-propelled wheeled type
DimensionL×W×H (mm) 6550×3130×3320
Weight (kg) 5250
Cutting width(mm) 2750/3500
Feeding capacity(t/h) 28.8
Engine rated power(kw) 118
Engine rated speed (r/min) 2200
Min ground clearance(mm) 280
working speed  (km/h) 1.6~10
productivity (h㎡/h) 0.7~1.5
Threshing concave type Grid type
Screening Type Wind screen
Gearbox Mechanical 3+1

More efficiency
Using 920 mm gap bridge, with double chain scraper transmission, higher feeding ability, more quick, non-clogging, improving harvesting efficiency greatly;
using  920 mm plate tooth threshing cylinder, 920mm concave plate screen, 920 mm Vibrating Screen and 1700 mm long threshing cylinder, Better matching, faster threshing and separating , better adaptability to wet and inverted crops;
High speed superposition unloading device, which can reach a maximum height of 2.8 meters,  more convenient and more efficient;
Taking advantage of TB series chassis technology ,  more suitable for the central plains area crop harvesting;
 larger tank, longer working time,more collecting, more efficiency.

More reliable
Matching Stardand Ⅲ Yuchai quanchai 160hp stronger diesel engine, higher reliability, and environmental .
nnovation cutting header is equipped with the fast load-and-unload device, with optional of 2.58/2.75m header、automatic measuring device, convenient operation, faster and more reliable working efficiency .
Industry initiative on inlet type heat radiator cooling dust cover, decrease cleaning times during working and make maintenance  convenient;
Anti-winding device on Header, is more suitable for wet grain harvesting,  more reliable on working。

More comfortable
New colour and outshape, fashionable, compact structure, stable center of gravity, new polymer material cover, smaller vibration , leading to the new mode of harvester.
New type sealing cable, better driving condition , more confortable, lower noise;
Equipped with GPS positioning system, reverse image and radar systems, makes operating more convenient and safe。

no need to  replace parts, which can realize the wheat, rice, soybean, rapeseed, sorghum and other major crops harvesting, users gains more;
Quick replace corn cutting blade, realizing corn  harvesting immediately and making User's annual earnings more than doubled。

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