Model   4LZT-4.0ZD
Dimension in working Length mm 5105
width mm 2500
Height mm 2950
Engine power kw 65/70/73
Gearbox / 42emissionHST+75gearbox
Weight kg 3250
Header width mm 2000/2200
Feeding quantity Kg/s 4.0
Min.ground clearance mm 315/325
Threshing drum size(diameter*length) mm φ620*2000
Crawler dimension(pitch *number *width) mm/section 90*53*450/500
Crawler track gauge mm 1250
Unloading / 270°unloading or half-height unloading

Upgraded and optimized travelling system brings better trafficability in paddy field and higher efficiency.
Chasis with higher ground clearance with min.clearance of 315mm, better trafficability in paddy field and higher efficiency
Upgraded and optimized header conveying system, strong ability of handling crops, systematically solve the problem of troubled feeding in
longitudinal axis flow model
New driveline system with reinforced and more reliable material
2SB belt is used as the conveying belt in conveying sink, with higher conveying efficiency and longer service life;imported bearings are used in
key parts with better reliability
Screen widened to 1080mm, with 15% larger screening area, ensure perfect cleaning and very low impurity
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