4LZ -6.0ZC

4LZ -6.0ZC

Model Unit 4LZT-6.0ZC
Dimension mm 5180*2430*2800
Overall Weight kg 3310
Matched engine power kW 73/81
Gearshift Mode / Mechanical+Stepless gearshift
Cutting Width mm 2100/2200
Min ground clearance mm 315/325
Threshing drum size(Dia*length) mm 620*2000
Belt specification(distance*quantity*width) mm/unit 90*52*500(Optional for High tread)
Track spacing mm 1150

Match domestic famous brand 100hp engine, strong power, 45displacement matching 80A gearbox, high transmission efficiency and operating speed, the highest
speed reaching to 9.5Km/h(2.6m/s).
New optimum design of cutting table crossing bridge, more smooth harvesting and feeding, stronger ability of harvesting the lodging, higher efficiency for operation.
Optimized and upgraded sieve structure with strong cleaning ability and high efficiency.
The walking and operating transmission system are fully upgraded.the transmission power is higher and the operation is more reliable The support wheel is
completely upgraded , the bearing is enlarged , the strong pressure lubrication is better , and the reliability is better .
The wheel body is widened , the contact area with the crawler belt is increased by 16 percent , and the service life of the crawler belt is longer.
Optimized design of hydraulic system , the hose adopt 2 - layer winding steel wire, the pressure ability is strong.
The grass guide board of threshing drum cover adopts reversing structure,High intensity, non- deformation , better reliability.
Matched with LED light,High brightness,long service life, more suitable for night work.
Optimization of the gravity center arrangement of the whole machine, stronger uphill and downhill ability,better passage capacity in muddy paddy field.
Optional for rapid reversing air-conditioned driving cab,high comfort level


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