4LZ -5.0ZC

4LZ -5.0ZC

More efficiency
42cc  HST with 75 gearbox, walking fast, effectively guarantee high working efficiency;
160L fuel tank, makes refueling more convenient, is able to continuous working for over 10 hours average,  higher working efficiency;
Large 1.4 m3  granary, high efficient unloading system, continuous longer working,  finish unloading grain within 1.5 minutes.
More convenient 
optional on rape, soybeans, corn cutter,  low broken rate, low loss rate and high off the net rate;
optional on new upgraded shredder, good smashing effect,, better reliability, higher adaptability;
optional on upgrade new air-conditioned cab, free noise, heat insulation, good sealing, can quickly flip, easy maintain,  industry-leading configuration, makes products more competitive.
More reliable
Matching  new upgrade big wheel guided and high ground clearance chassis , increase the gap between the track and the chassis shelves , standard match 450mm, optional 500mm wide flower track, optimize the design of the wheel system so that the whole center of gravity distribution more reasonable, it is better for walking through on field. 
Using international quality V-belt for walking and clutch transmission, international quality bearings for key parts.
Optimize the design of the wheel system so that the whole gravity is more balanced and reasonable to walk through .

Matching the longest roller than competitors, prolonged the threshing time, and make flexible threshing come true, stronger the separation ability, the strength of the tooth rod and the strengthen disk ensure that take off net more clear, , more wear-resistant; longitudinal axial screening width 1080mm, large clear area to ensure the perfect cleaning,  low trash content. 

Increase the gap between the crawler belt and chassis , move after the tug position, effectively solve the mud and jam; and extremely make maintenance easier 
Change the Plate welded structure of Horizontal agitator to be integral casting elbow form, more reliable and more durable.
Model 4LZ-5.0ZC
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 5105×2500×2950
Weight (kg) 3000
Cutting table width (mm) 2000
Feeding capacity (kg/s) 5.0
Min. ground clearance (mm) 300
Threshing drum size (diameter × length) (mm) Φ620×2000
Structure type of engine 4-cylinder, in-line, water-cooling
Engine power (kw) 74
Track (length ×number × width) (mm) 90*52*450
Track gauge (mm) 1150
Shift form HST (hydraulic stepless speed change) + machine
Loading method:  Artificial unloading crops or Mechanical spiral unloading 

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