Rice Transplanter-Walking Type 6 Rows


Sufficient power, low fuel consumption and good adaptability
1. Equipped with a high efficiency, low vibration, low noise and low fuel consumption gasoline engine.
2. Supported by a high-powered engine, the two level working speed (high and low) is designed to meet the requirements of different work environment.
3. The large wheels of 660 mm in diameter can improve its adaptability and mobility in wet and swampy fields.
Gasolion Engine
Convenient and easy operation
4. All operating handles and panels are mainly concentrated right ahead of the operator, so that the operation could be much easier.

Operation Handles
Scientific and reasonable working, free of harm to the seedling, accurate and efficient

5. The adjustable floating plate and hydraulic feeler mechanism are adopted to adjust the transplanting depth and ensure consistent transplanting depth; the wide belt seedling feeding can ensure the accuracy and reliability of lengthwise seedling feeding.
6. The rice transplanting device adopts a crank and rocker mechanism, able to move continuously according to a fixed track, and at the same time, a counterweight is provided to achieve small vibration, no harm to the seedling and high-quality transplantation.

 Adjustable Floating Plate
Model 2ZF-6
Type Walking type
Dimension (mm) 2370×2280×910
Weight (kg) 187
Engine Model MZ175-B-1
Rated Power (kw) 3.3
Type Air-cooled, 1-cycIe, four stroke OHV Engine
Rated speed (r/min) 3600
Traveling Transmission (r/min) Mechanical
Working speed (m/s) 0.28-0.5
Paddy wheel Dia (mm) 660
Planting portion Number of planting rows 6
Distance between rows(cm) 30
Hill space(mm) 210, 180, 160, 140, 120
Planting depth(mm) 15~35
Transplanting claw type Crank and rocker
Working capacity (hm2/h) 0.10-0.25

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