Mobile Dryer 5HYD-250


The secret of our success is the drying system which is from European technology:shorten drying time,less harm to the org.anoleptic properties of the grain,and lower fixed costs.
The mobile series products are suitable for food,feed grains and rapeseeds.
Our mobile cereal dryers can fulfill different customers’ requirement,assembly with diesel/biodiesel or biogas/biomass combustion engine.
Screw conveyor is helpful to ensure the entire surface of the cereal more evenly
1.Controlled emisions:combustion fumes do not contaminate the quality of the dried cereal.
2.No special licenses are required.
3.The mobile models can be put into service in a fully autonomous way and do not require masonry work.
4.All the mechanical and electronic safety devices comply with European regulations.
5.The whole structure and all the mechanical components are designed using quality materials.
6.The regular maintenance has been kept to a minimum and simplified.
7.Low consumption.
8. It is possible to take advantage of alternative fuels.
9.Easy to transport on articulated lorries and containers.
10.It is possible to install up to 4 dryers in line.



Model 5HYD-250
Bin capacity (m³) 31
PTO absorbed power (HP) 90
Installed electrical power ME models (kw) 47.2
Fan air flow (m³/h) 53,000
Maximum burner thermal power (kcal/h) 900,000
Diameter of holes on the silo (mm) 1.5-2.5
weight (kg) M 4800
ME 5100
weight with heat M-SC 5400
ME-SC 5700
Fuel tank capacity (L) 580

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