Biomass Furnace DE45


Through market investigation, Chery Heavy Industry launched this biomass furnace providing heat to the dryer which is in self-developed and can use agricultural waste as fuel such as rice chaff, wood, straw and so on. Temperature set arbitrarily. Combustion power is 85%. Biomass furnace equipped with automatic constant temperature device, which can lower the dry layer temperature one moment ensuring the grain quality and lowing the crack ratio and use-cost.
Product features:
1.Adopting the newest heating exchange system, heating rapidly, higher thermal effect, automatic temperature control.
2.Easy to clear the tube dust.
3.Can supply heat for 1-6 dryers simultaneously.
Model DE45 (5LK-45)
Dimension (mm) 3100*1500*2400
Rated power 380V/50HZ
Required Power (kw) 2.2
Heating Mode Indirect hot air heating
Hot air tep (℃) 60-150
Control mode Automatic Control
Fuel Paddy husk (kg/h) 135
Straw (kg/h) 120
Firewood (kg/h) 75
Anthracite coal 67
Safety device Automatic constant temperature device,High temperature automatic control,Automatic synchronization of smoke eject, Air supply and temperature control


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