5LKJ-45 Rice hull oven

5LKJ-45 Rice hull oven

model unit 5LKJ-45
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 3163x2068x2323
machine weight kg 3100
thermal power(max) MW 0.53MW (450 thousand kcal/hr)
thermal efficiency % ≧80%
type of heat exchanger / Vertical steel pipe
Max heating capacity of rice hull kg/h 160kg
Total heat exchange area m3 55
Output volume of hot air m3/h 10000--50000
firing chamber volume m3 1.8
total power of ancillary KW 4.3KW
hot air output temp 50--100
firing type / auto-feeding
Qty of dryer / 1-3 set 5HXG-15   1-2 set 5HXG-15A
1-2 set 5HXG-22   1 set 5HXG-30C
main configuration / main engine of rice hull oven, auto-feeding device, auto ash discharge device,cyclone dust extractor,electric control system

Adopting indirect hot air,  hot air suppose be purity without tar and pollution after got through heat exchanger
Automatic hot air temperature control system which makes temperature difference within ±1 ℃
Automatic operation for chaff entering and ash discharge.The computer automatically calculates the hot air demand of the dryer and delivers the heat correctly
Using biomass fuel, the drying cost is only one sixth of the diesel fuel and half of the coal
The waste materials such as chaff, wood (chip), straw, peanut stalk, straw, corn core, can be used as fuel.
Low cost, simple operation with high degree of automation
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