DA series Chaff suspending hot-air stove

DA series

Category Unit Parameters
Maximum calorific value Kcal/h 130
Maximum burning capacity of rice hull kg/h 500
Ash discharge (maximum combustion time) kg/h 60
Required power kw(HP) 21.5
Machine size (L*W*H) mm 6600*4400*9600
Empty weight kg 21000
Quantity of matched dryers Commodity grain
(wheat, rice, etc.)
5HXG-10/12.5/15 sets 10
5HX112/5HX215D sets 8
5HXK30.0/5HXG-32 sets 5
5HXG-60/5HXG-100 sets 2
5HXG-10/12.5/15 sets 5
5HX112/5HX215D sets 4
5HXK30.0/5HXG-32 sets 3
5HXG-60/5HXG-100 sets 1

● With totally new concept of using biomass waste "rice hull" as the fuel, the drying cost is reduced to 1/6 of petrol ;
●It overcomes shortcomings of black smoke and environmental pollution brought by rice hull burning;
●Indirect negative pressure hot air drying will not pollute the grain nor corrode the dryer;
●Automatic feeding, ash discharging and hot air temperature control with ±1°C differentiation;
●Special stainless steel heat exchanging tube, with real high temperature resistance and long service life;
●Zero net emissions of carbon dioxide, conforming to the concept of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.

Rice hull complete combustion technology
Rice hull produced by 1 hectare (10,000 m2) can dry wet grain produced by 3 hectares (30,000 m2);
Rice hull produced by 1 ton of wet grain can dry 3 tons of wet grain;
The drying cost is about 1/6 of diesel and 1/2 of coal;
If rice hull as the byproduct of self-milled rice is utilized as the fuel, the fuel cost shall be zero.
Automatic computer temperature control technology

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