Biomass Furnace,DA100 Floated Burning Type


5LKR-100 Floated Burning Type Biomass Furnace is our company newly-developed multi-purpose heat generating device. It can be dry heat source to agricultural and sideline products (such as cereal / food / medicinal material / tobacco and so on)and various industrial material. It also can be heat source to the industry like heated house/ warm/ printing and dyeing/ spray lacquer and so on. 5LKR-100 Floated Burning Type Biomass Furnace owns news novel structure and high heat efficiency more than 68%. 5LKR-100 Floated Burning Type Biomass Furnace is easy to use and in high degree of automation. The husk is the mainly fuel but the comminuted straw and wood also can be the fuel. Thus 5LKR-100 Floated Burning Type Biomass Furnace can continuous output hot wind with suitable temperature and non-pollution to promise the dry quality radically.
Product features:
1.Indirect heat support, the hot wind is without tar when through the heat exchanger which will not contaminate grain.
2.Hot wind controlled in full-automatic, temperatures ranging ±1°c
3.Full-automatic in loading chaff and discharging ash. The dryer hot wind demand calculated by the computer automatically and conveyed correctly.
4.Use biomass as fuel , low cost, energy efficiency, environmental protection.
5.The waste biomass including wood(wood chips), wheat-straw, peanut bar, straw, cob and 
Model DA100 (5LKXR-100)
Dimension (mm) 6110*8200*6410
Output (Kcal/h) 1,000,000
Heating area (㎡) 157
Hotwind temp (℃) ≤150
Heat efficiency >68%
Feeding mode Automatic
Burning consumption (kg/h) 310
Rice husk combustion (Kcal/kg) 3300
Fuel husk, wood (bark、straw) etc.


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