Air source electric heating pump

Air source electric heating pump

Model Unit KG-136ⅡA3W
Whole machine size (L*W*H) mm 3046×1966×2550
Overall weight kg 2000
Maximum calorific value kcal/h 200,000
Maximum electric power kw 68
Quantity of
matched dryers
(Wheat, rice, etc.) 5HXG-10/12.5/15 / 1
5HX112/5HX215D / 1
5HXG-10/12.5/15 / 1
5HX112/5HX215D / 1

 ● Drying temperature can reach 75°C, with high thermal efficiency, huge energy saving, and baking cost far lower than electric heating,gas, fuel oil, etc.;
 ● Unit operation does not produce any waste water or solid waste, with only environmental-friendly electric consumption and causing no pollutant emission;
 ● Fully automatic operation under smart control without man operation;
 ● Accessories all adopt reliable brands with stable technology and perfect protection measures;
 ● Widely used in drying of crops, food, medicine materials, etc.
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