DE Series Box-type hot-air stove

DE Series Box-type hot-air stove

Sales identification number DE50 DE65 DE90
Model 5LMS-50 5LMS-65 5LMS-90
Maximum calorific value (10,000kcal/h) 50 65 90
Maximum fuel consumption (kg/h) (coal) 75 100 150
Available fuel      
Required power (kw) 2.2 2.2 3
Whole machine size (L*W*H) (mm) 2160×1600×2650 3095×1600×2650 3670×1900×2650
Overall weight 2769 4150 6280
Quantity of matched dryers Wheat, rice, etc.
5HXG-10B/12.5B/15B 2 sets 3 sets 4 sets
5HX112/5HX215D 2 sets 2 sets 4 sets
5HXK30.0/5HXG-32 1 sets 1 sets 2 sets
5HXG-60/5HXG-100 - - 1 sets
5HXG-10B/12.5B/15B 1 sets 2 sets 3 sets
5HX112/5HX215D 1 sets 2 sets 3 sets
5HXK30.0/5HXG-32 - - 2sets
5HXG-60/5HXG-100 - - 1 sets
As a domestically advanced product self-developed by the Company, the box hot-air stove is an environmental protection and energy saving hot-air stove taking rice chaff, firewood and straw as the heat source. With automatic control of temperature and thermal power of 85%, it is equipped with domestically advanced automatic constant temperature ventilator and ensures good grain quality, low grain crack ratio and low cost through effective temperature control.

Product features:
●Large hearth volume and unique S-shaped channel heat exchanging device can fully improve the heat exchanging efficiency;
●Indirect heat exchanging, hot air cleaning, free of grain pollution;
● High-frequency welded finned tube heat exchanger with patented design, with high heat exchanging efficiency;
●Applicable to a variety of fuels (rice hull, straw, coal, etc.), with low operating cost;
●Automatic temperature control system with stable hot air temperature and convenient operation.
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